Online Vegan Cooking Classes – Live, from My Kitchen to Yours

Sharing great vegan food is my passion. And my obsession.

For over ten years, my vegan culinary journey developed as I spent more and more time learning and practicing. I studied cookbooks, watched videos, tried flavor combinations. I cooked and tasted, tasted and cooked.  I studied with home cooks and professional restaurant cooks along the way too! Like everything else, it took time, patience and determination, which is easy when you are obsessed.  I wanted to make the best no-one-would-ever-believe-this-is-vegan food!

And I did!  I ran vegan bakery business where I made custom order cakes, cupcakes and cookies and I held a 3-course Vegan Pop-up Brunch featuring Breakfast Pizza and Maple-Bacon Cupcakes serving 100 people! I was living the vegan dream!

While all of this was going on, I was approached about teaching vegan cooking classes at two local libraries.  (The calls came in the same week!)  I said, “Yes!” An opportunity to talk to a large group of people about vegan cooking (it’s my passion you know!), and be able to prepare it live, walking them through the steps giving tips along the way?  I couldn’t think of a reason to say no!

My first cooking class with over 87 people in the audience!

But I soon realized that I had to come up with some easy recipes with simple cooking techniques.  It was just as important as the food tasting great.  It was a fact that people were interested in a vegan lifestyle (87 people registered for that first library class!), but not everyone has time to cook. 

Vegan cooking was still so intimidating to people.  And I had to change that.

I started out with easy adaptions of recipes from my ever-growing cookbook collection, sometimes incorporating ready-made, store-bought shortcuts and making substitutions for easy-to-find ingredients all the while sticking to my personal goal of real, whole food cooking.

The results were amazing!  People were coming up to me after class saying, “Yes, I can do this!”

I closed the bakery, and began teaching at continuing education programs at local school districts as well as the libraries.

This year, I was ready to begin a new series of cooking classes called Vegan Meal Prep! The classes filled up fast, then Covid-19 happened. While the stress of the virus and everyone’s health and safety came first, I couldn’t get the classes out of my mind!  So many people signed up and, you know me, I LOVE to share my tips and tricks for easy vegan cooking with everyone!

I love to help people. and during these times, it’s more important than ever to eat healthy, plant-based food! And go vegan!

I was asked to be a part of a virtual wellness summit earlier this month to teach a cooking class on Zoom. I said yes, but I was skeptical. How I would feel if students were not able to smell and taste the food I was preparing. Well, guess what? 

The class was a success! Participants loved seeing me in my home kitchen, and I loved seeing them in theirs!

So I got to work re-writing classes, so I can continue to teach cooking classes and help people get comfortable in the kitchen, and realize that “vegan food” is real, delicious, amazing food! And the best part – you can be anywhere in the world to take a class!

Here is what you get with my classes:

  • You will receive the recipes and prep guide one week before class along with your private Zoom link.
  • You can choose to cook with me in your own kitchen, or you can sit back, relax and watch.
  • Q&A Session at the end of class.
  • Immediate access to a exclusive Facebook Group for all students to have a positive and safe space to learn and share.
  • And a free “happy hour” Q&A session on the Group page with me the first Friday of every month!

To celebrate, my first live, online class on Sunday, August 23rd – Vegan Meal Prep: Breakfast – will have a special price of $10.00 per student! Click here to register!

Here YOUR vegan culinary journey will begin too. Share the love below with your friends. And remember, everyone is welcome!

Vegan food is awesome food.

Vegan cooking is happy cooking.

And the vegan life is easier than you have ever expected.

With kindness,


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