Vegan Pasta and Peas

This Vegan Pasta and Peas recipe is filling and easy to make with simple ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen! You know those pantry recipes that everyone is talking about? A pantry recipe is one using things you probably have on hand! This Vegan Pasta and Peas recipe is what pantry dishes are … Continue reading Vegan Pasta and Peas

Mama’s Vegan Zucchini Fritters

It seems like every summer for my whole life, my mom was standing at the stove frying up zucchini fritters. But as a kid with an aversion to vegetables, I didn't eat them. In my teen years I developed a taste for the batter, abandoning the zucchini at the edge of my plate, a napkin … Continue reading Mama’s Vegan Zucchini Fritters