Cookbook Review Rating System

We all buy cookbooks for many reasons. We love the author, we want to try a new cuisine, we want to make ALL the vegan cheeses! I have a few cookbooks on my shelf of over 50, that I kinda wish I didn’t spend money on, but I have friends who love and cook from those very same cookbooks each week. It’s for this reason that I can never say a hard and fast “Don’t buy” in a review. A cookbook that is for me, might not be for you, and vice versa.

With all of the above considered, here is the rating system I cooked up to maintain complete honesty and to serve you in the best way possible:

1 Avocado: Buy, but know what you are getting into. The instructions may be unclear, steps left out, or left to the reader to look up or figure out. Some recipes work out, but others need tweaks to get the desired result. Would better suit a seasoned cook or baker that can use intuition and purposeful substitutions to help make the recipes successful. 

2 Avocados: Definite buy. This book has great photos and most of the recipes work, but you might by-pass many because of complexity with many steps and prep times. Not one you will take out each week, but one you will definitely use and learn from.

3 Avocados: Strong buy. A great addition to your cookbook shelf. A majority of the recipes come out the way they should, the instructions and photographs are well done and you will learn from this cookbook, too. It’s one you will reach for time and again because you know that you can cook from this for a last-minute dinner guest and have confidence that the recipes will work as written with little to no trial-and-error. 

4 Avocados: Must own. Fool-proof. And most likely, by a famous cookbook author or chef. In other words, we know these cookbooks are top-notch and always on point. Stunning photography, every recipe is perfect as written and it will be the dirtiest and most-worn cookbook in your collection.

And a couple extra notes:

I typically choose three recipes to test in my own kitchen, and report on in my reviews. I also list other recipes that I would like to try or most likely will soon be trying. 

I have an extra checklist for photos and easy recipes. As I will detail this in the review, I think it’s nice to highlight this in my review box.  We all love pretty food pics and easy recipes, and cookbooks that have that should get extra praise. 

I hope you enjoy the reviews, and I hope they are helpful to you!

Happy Reading!